How to participate in project allocations on WebWise Pad

  1. For a list of projects on the WebWise Pad home page, go to the "PROJECTS" tab.

To learn more about the subscription and allocation process, go to the "HOW IT WORKS" tab.

  1. Use the "View all projects" button to go to more information about the projects and their list.

  2. Below you can read the brief projects participation rules by individual steps:

"01 Buy USDT" – buy stablecoin USDT tokens on CEX/DEX or via WebWise Telegram Wallet.

"02 Hold USDT in WebWise Telegram Wallet" – you must keep USDT in your WebWise Telegram Wallet to participate in the subscription and receive tickets. The higher your USDT balance, the more tickets you will receive.

"03 Receive Tickets" – get tickets based on your average USDT balance on your WebWise Telegram Wallet to participate in the lottery, followed by the opportunity to purchase an allocation.

"04 Lottery" – find out the number of winning tickets and proceed to pay. The number of tickets you can pay for is less than the number of total winning tickets. Hurry up to buy the allocation!

"05 Payment and Distribution" – pay for the winning tickets and wait for token distribution.

  1. To participate in the project, click "Participate" on the main page in the "UPCOMING" section.

Here you can also see the start time of the project subscription ("SUBSCRIPTION START DATE") and the total distribution of tokens ("TOTAL ALLOCATION").

  1. On the new page that opens, in the top field, all the stages that will be passed on this project and their time periods are indicated.

Follow the progress of the project, so you don't miss a new stage!

On the page you can read more about the project and get information about allocation and get links to the project's social media.

  1. To sign up for an allocation for the selected project, click on "Participate" at the subscription stage.

  2. Scan the QR code or confirm the transition to WebWise Telegram Wallet by clicking on "Participate". The site will direct you to the WebWise Telegram Wallet to confirm your subscription.

  3. If you do not have a created WebWise Telegram Wallet yet, start the by clicking on "Start" or by entering the "/start" command manually.

Select the language in which the information is displayed. Done, the wallet is created.

Repeat the step described in step 7.

If you already have a WebWise Telegram Wallet , skip step 8.

  1. Top up your WebWise Telegram Wallet with USDT stablecoins, so you can participate in the project. The higher your USDT balance, the more likely you are to receive more winning tickets.

Top up your USDT wallet in the BEP-20 chain to pay for winning tickets if they are distributed to you based on the lottery results.

And top up your BNB Wallet on the BEP-20 chain to pay transaction fees on the BSC chain (BEP-20).

Learn more about how to top up your WebWise Telegram Wallet in this chapter's Wallets subsection.

  1. In the WebWise Telegram Wallet after clicking on the link (step 7), click "/start" to confirm your subscription to the project.

You can subscribe to the project directly from the bot. In the WebWise Pad menu in the bot, go to “Available IWOs” and select a project.

After a successful subscription, you will receive information about it in personal messages with the bot.

Read it carefully and keep track of the next step.

  1. Keep track of milestones, deadlines, and the need for additional actions to participate in the token distribution on the WebWise Pad website page or in the WebWise Telegram Wallet.

At the top of the WebWise Pad site page, you can see individual stage descriptions, completion dates, and additional information.

In the "Total Participants" tab, you can see the total number of participants signed up for the token distribution for that project.

  1. The second step is to hold USDT in your WebWise Telegram Wallet for a certain amount of time. During the hold phase, several user balance snapshots will be taken to determine the average USDT balance.

Note: The more USDT you hold on your wallet balance, the more tickets you can get in the next round.

  1. In the third stage, taking into account the number of USDT in your wallet kept during the second round, you receive a certain number of tickets.

Please note: not all tickets may be winning, but a larger number increases your chance of getting a winning ticket during the lottery stage.

  1. How do I find out my subscription status, next stage start dates, and ticket information?

You can find out your subscription status in your WebWise Telegram Wallet.

Go to "Menu".

Click on the “WebWise Pad” tab.

Next, select a list of your subscriptions by clicking on "My IWO subscriptions".

From the list that opens, select the project you are interested in and subscribed to.

  1. In the fourth round, there is a lottery. All of the tickets you received in the last round are entered into the lottery. The system will determine the winning tickets, which will give you the opportunity to buy an allocation.

According to the results of the lottery stage, you receive information about the number of winning tickets (from the total number of tickets received) in personal messages in your WebWise Telegram Wallet

  1. At the payment stage you can purchase an allocation based on your winning tickets.

Please note: the maximum number of winning tickets does not mean that all of them can be paid, as the total number of tickets that can be paid may be limited by the conditions of the project.

The maximum number of winning tickets is indicated in the information window.

"MAX.WINNING TICKETS" – indicates the maximum number of winning tickets.

"TICKETS TO BE PAID" – the number of tickets that can be paid in total.

"TOKENS PER TICKET" – the number of project tokens you can get per ticket.

"Total Tickets Subscribed" – the total number of tickets that participated in the project and the number of USDT held by the participants.

To make a payment for the winning tickets, go to the WebWise Telegram Wallet. Select the project in which the winning tickets are received and click the "Get allocation" button.

Specify the number of tickets you want to pay for from those available for payment.

Confirm the transaction by clicking "Yes".

After a successful payment, you will receive a message about the transactions.

  1. Congratulations! You have successfully purchased an allocation. Wait for the allocation stage and get the tokens to your wallet in WebWise Telegram Wallet.

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